Blocked Drains Services

After a thorough diagnosis of the problem, we begin to solve it. Depending on the type and scale of failure, we focus on mechanical or pressure (or hydrodynamic) pipe stripping. The mechanical method consists in using an electrically powered spring or a rod machine. A big advantage of this solution is the fact that in case of external pipes which get clogged in winter during frost, the mechanical method will be effective.

The pressure method consists in introducing high-pressure water into the clogged pipe, which is subject to sewer cleaning. For this purpose we use a WUKO machine, equipped with an engine, pump, high pressure hose, reels, nozzles and other elements ensuring effective and durable pushing of pipes. Due to the large size of the machine, the aforementioned method is used mainly in outdoor conditions. More advice on our Sprint Plumber Adelaide page.

Pushing pipes through the mechanism of operation

Every time we start pushing the pipes, we make sure that there is no risk of flooding and we protect the floor against the possibility of a small amount of water or dirt.

If necessary, we replace and overhaul the hydraulic system. We act comprehensively in order not only to deal with the failure, but also to be able to assure customers that it will not occur in the future.

It is worth relying on plumbers – we encourage both individuals and representatives of public organisations, institutions and companies to contact us. We are waiting for you in our office in Adelaide, where we can quietly discuss details and scope of work, and on the phone number 0495 353 653, where you can report the failure or the need to clear the pipe.