Hot Water Services

Hot water installation in a house is a system of connected pipes, fittings and devices supplying water to selected rooms. Otherwise it is called a water supply system. What does a water system consist of and how to distribute it at home?

Water can be heated in various ways. If hot water is prepared in individual heaters installed at individual faucets, the main pipe (with cold water) is led from the connection, and from it the connections to all points of consumption. When the water is heated in a boiler or another common water heater, the cold water pipe is led to the individual batteries and to the heat source. Behind it, a heated water pipe runs parallel to the cold water pipe, and sometimes a third – circulation pipe – to the furthest draw-off point. Thanks to it, hot water circulates constantly in the system and even when it is very large, it is available as soon as you unscrew the tap.

Distribution of the hot water system – T-piece system

The water system can be distributed by a so-called tee system. In this case, the pipes are laid in series – a horizontal pipe runs from the vertical to the approaches to individual points of consumption. Approaches are connected to the horizontal pipe by tees – hence the name of the system. Pipes are led in the wall grooves, which are covered with plaster. In order to protect against mechanical damage, the pipes should be routed in a tee, and passages through walls and ceilings – in protective sleeves.

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